i accidentally spilled monster energy drink in my fish bowl and now my goldfish won’t stop saying “bro” and keeps flexing it’s fins

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Listen carefully to what Mary says: “people like Magnussen should be killed, that’s why there are people like me”.  She’s the type of person who kills people like Magnussen.  And what type of person is Magnussen?  According to Sherlock he is ‘the Napoleon of blackmail' who runs the Western world from Appledore, using the “greatest respository of sensitive and dangerous information anywhere in the world”.  And as long as Magnussen has that information “the personal freedom of anyone you have ever met is a fantasy”.  He’s not a very nice person, in fact, he’s a pretty nasty guy who turns Sherlock’s stomach.  When Magnussen flicks John’s face at Appledore he tells him “I know who Mary hurt and killed.  I know where to find people who hate her.  I know where they live.  I know their phone numbers.  I could phone them right now and tear your whole life down.”  He could set these people on Mary, and they obviously wouldn’t call the authorities to have her arrested and properly tried in a court of law.  They would hunt her down and kill her.  Probably not very nicely, because they are not-very-nice people.  So Mary may be right, people like Magnussen should be killed; that’s why there are people like her.

Who else has killed someone?


and then justified it as the killing of a not-very-nice person who deserved to die?


Remember that when John shot the cabbie Sherlock was voluntarily taking the pill - he wasn’t being coerced.  This means that John cannot avail himself of the “defense of other” defense to murder (akin to self-defense except that the homicide is committed to defend the life of another person, not yourself).  Sherlock confirms this when he tells John that he wasn’t really going to take the pill (true, John doesn’t believe this, but he does acknowledge that Sherlock was voluntarily risking his life to prove he was clever, because that’s how he gets his ‘kicks’).  John actually committed murder that night and then threw the murder weapon in the Thames.  Nevertheless, we love it when they giggle at the crime scene and then go off to dinner together. 

Also remember that after John shoots the cabbie Sherlock tortures him to force him to reveal Moriarty’s name telling him “you’re dying, but there’s still time to hurt you”. image

Finally, remember who actually does kill Magnussen: image

So don’t be too judgmental of Mary.  Both John and Sherlock have committed murder to save each other.  I don’t hear anybody criticizing them for doing this - in fact they are praised for doing so.  So why the double-standard when it comes to Mary?  Is it because we don’t know her back-story?  Sherlock has deduced that Mary was an intelligence agent, but he does not know what country she was serving. By her blonde hair I suppose we are to assume she is Russian, but that could be a red herring.  Sherlock trusts her, maybe, because, like him, she is on the ‘side of the angels’, even if she isn’t one herself. 

The fandom shouldn’t complain when John Watson’s wife turns out to be an assassin, because if the fandom likes Sherlock Holmes, and the fandom likes John Watson, then it is, indeed, what the fandom likes.

Seriously this is important. What Ive been saying this whole entire time.

Thank you OP. I love Sherlock and John, and I think Mary fits right in with them. And that’s why I love Mary just as much.

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I saw this on Facebook, though it was worth a share.

Dear chris,

I came back from a hard walk down to the grass market to find that you had put cups of water all around my room, and writen on my door “revenge kenny” with tooth paste.

This was a mild inconvenience.

So upon finding this we at 18/3 started plotting on how to return the favour. 
So i put it to you Chris.


As you can see from the following photo I have taken your door handle and the 4 screws to hold it ont the door.
I have also taken all the cups of water from my room and placed them outside your room, following this I took the water which we used to clean the tooth paste off my door and filled some of the cups with it.

In several of these cups are hidden the 4 screws.

My game to you is you must drink EVERY cup of water/toothpaste to then find the 4 screws. You may be thinking you can just empty them out and find the screws that way rather than drinking them. However unless you actually drink them ALL, I will not give you the clue as to where your door handle is hidden.

The choice is your Chris…

Stay locked out.

or drink it all.



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heres that fucing cat lookin like its wearing circle lenses 

i didnt know a cat could be prettier than most human beings. 

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I feel like people who really want to understand being british should watch Blackadder.

I mean

people seem to think

we’re this super polite country

who drinks tea and eats crumpets

and spend all our time worshiping the monarch

but really we’re all twats

who speak with so much sarcasm you’ve no idea what we’re saying

Also it’s the best show ever made and has rowan atkinson so it ain’t a bad watch either.

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I went to the bathroom in a building on my campus and saw this on the back of the stall door. While I’m deeply upset that a young woman went through such a horrible ordeal, I’m also very touched that so many other girls wanted to help her and offered advice as well as ways to seek help. We are women hear us roar.

Don’t mind me, I’m just crying about women being there for each other.

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This is a ‘where are you visting from?’ board at a local restaurant

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checks grades

*bastille voice* how am i gonna be an optimist about this

well if you close your eyes

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But literally, in science classes, we have to learn the names of white men who were totally wrong.

"This is the name of a white man. He came up with this theory. This theory was totally wrong. You will be tested on his name and his totally wrong theory."

Are white men so important that the fact that they had any thoughts at all is important enough to learn and be tested on?

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